Somewhere Over the Limbo

EFA Project Space in New York invited artists to send proposals for a utopian curated show, and share their wildest dreams. My proposal included a gallery show in which the audience rides a high-speed rollercoaster, such that it is impossible to see the artwork, and everything becomes abstract. In the show the audience could watch a new work by Damien Hirst titled “The Tail”, as well as artworks by Constantin Brancusi and Oree Holban.

One work, “The Parents” depicted the parents of the artist Oree Holban as they are waving from outside the gallery, wishing the artist much success in the future. Regardless of the high speed, the audience managed to stay calm throughout the ride, and upon reaching the tunnel of love in the end, everybody just sat in the dark like Brancusi’s (play dough) lovers – they melted and kissed in the dark.