About Who is Supposed to be Me

Multidisciplinary in practice, I am an image-maker, a performer, a singer-songwriter, and a player. My work reflects on the Limbo of genders, love relationships, toys for kids who want it all, American 1950s, nostalgia, authenticity, celebrity culture, and the “Wholesome Performer”.

In more recent years I have become interested in spiritual aspects of Limbo as “The Middle Way”, a herald of the open ended potentialities that may lie within a finer balanced feminine and masculine energies; Those energies which often seem to have gone out of control, turning into illusions/delusions, roles we identify with- believing it to be “I” or “me”. I like to create neon worlds, travel back and forth, meditate, play with gender, words, play-dough, and find new colorful ways to express the so called gained wisdom--be it through a song, a drawing, an installation or a transitory body of light…

Who is supposed to be me is also the recipient of grants and awards, among them Fulbright Fellowship Award, UCIRA Desert Studies Grant, UCSB Doctoral Student Travel Grant, Israel Levitan Fellowship, America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship for Painting. I have been honored by several organizations such as the Elizabeth Foundation of the Arts and the Watermill Center.